Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yellow Journalism Alert: WIS-TV

So a state senator here in South Carolina is getting negative media attention. In a state with an 11.9% unemployment rate, the media here should have a lot to say about how both the state and national leaders from our state have come across with no real plan to bring jobs back into South Carolina (with the notable exception of Boeing brought in by the infamous Governor Sanford).

With that in mind, one local media channel - WIS-TV - has decided to put some heat on the Charleston state senator. I mean they went first page - right under the main new headline for the evening. The story is titled: "SC Senate leader defends Civil War costume photo with 'slaves'"

Now I was curious to see what exactly was causing such attention to be brought upon a picture that included Senator Glenn McConnell. Was he holding a whip? Did the "slaves" have a look of horror or uncomfort written on their faces? Was he holding a burning cross?

As the news article states:

McConnell is flanked by two African-American re-enactors. The image of the white man dressed in Confederate garb next to African-Americans dressed as slaves has offended some people.

Who is offended? Apparently 2 random people that they found on the street. And why were they offended?

I don't think political people should be part of any of those types of pictures, gatherings or whatever if they're representing all the people


Is it offensive? No, just typical. Not offensive at all. It's just what you expect from the Republican Party in South Carolina

So let's take a look at this picture that gained front page news and has people upset at this being an "offensive" picture:


I mean, first off, do either of the two people that are dressed in reenactment dress look like they are uncomfortable with the picture or the person? Did anyone force them to dress like this?

Better yet, where did WIS-TV find this picture?

The pictures of McConnell were posted on Facebook and picked up by a South Carolina political blog.

Man, that is great reporting there isn't it?

Please someone explain to me how this isn't journalism creating a story instead of reporting on a story...

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Anonymous said...

"Creating a story instead of reporting on a story..." summer it up well there. I'm still curious though to know what the theme was to that party

Rika said...

That's really dumb that they did that. I totally agree with that sweetnsour person-creating the story to fit their agenda. They oughtta be ashamed of themselves, because in journalism school, we're taught that journalism is all about "ethics" and "truth" and getting enough sources to make a well-balanced story. However, the news media gets so desperate for stories that they forget what they've been taught. I was stopped at the Miami airport to give a news crew a quote that they totally fed me about feeling scared to fly. I refused and said opposite of what they wanted. Jerks.