Friday, November 7, 2008 last

Well, time to crank up the ole' blog once again...

Politically speaking, this campaign season made me very apathetic towards politics. Both candidates, from my point of view, were lacking the leadership that this country needs now. One has his head up in the clouds in a fantasy and the other has his head buried in the sand, ignoring reality.

But now that the campaigning is over and a new President has been elected - happy for me a Democrat - I can now finally be an open dissident of policies.

You see, my own observations have shown me that if a person of a certain view on politics, a conservative for instance, begins attacking a politician of their own in order to show that they are "open to reason", all they end up doing is cannabalizing themselves and their party. For example, just because Bush may have been one of the worst managers in certain areas, doesn't mean I try to "find the middle ground" with a liberal to look "reasonable" in my politics. If I do, I end up villifying Bush in every policy, when in fact there either was no alternative or that policy was in fact the best option.

Now that there is a Democrat in office, I can now be open in my criticism. From campaign promises that will not be fulfilled, to botched handling of many soon to come policies and problems, I am happy I will be able to vent my frustrations, show the double standards, complain about issues that I don't agree with - and all this while not cannabalizing the party that I most closely assosciate with.

And there are already quite a few things I will be having a field day with...

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