Saturday, March 28, 2009

Concerned Citizen or National Security Threat?

An interesting article from the Kansas City Star was brought to my attention recently. Apparently, Missouri law enforcement was given a new report entitled "The Modern Militia Movement" on February 20.

Some interesting things from that report – which helps to identify traits and signs of militia members – are as follows:

Christian Identity – more of a ultra-right wing Christian identity though

Sovereign Citizen – states rights supporters and feel the government has shifted away from the Constitution

Militant Abortion – anti-abortion believers

Anti-Immigration – as defined in this report, not anti-immigration, but anti illegal immigration

Political Paraphernalia – associate with 3rd party political groups, including Constitutional and Libertarian Parties. Usually supporters of former presidential candidates of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr.

So, apparently if you grew up a Christian, and/or have a belief in states rights, and/or are pro-life, and/or against illegal immigration, and/or voted for Ron Paul (or have a bumper sticker of his on your car), DO NOT TRAVEL OR LIVE IN MISSOURI. You would be considered a possible militia member.

Read it yourself then decided: Are you a threat to national security?

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