Friday, May 7, 2010

Hong Kong, Day 3

Yesterday (being I'm writing this on Day 4) I finally was able to actually do some things here in Hong Kong besides just walk around. First, I went to the Hong Kong Museum of History. The museum is really cheap to get into, $HK 10, or about $1.30. They do a really good job of taking you back to the first people who lived in Hong Kong (think cavemen), have a lot of cool artifacts and things, and take you along a history timeline from the cavemen all the way to the present day.

You could easily spend 4 or more hours in there just looking at all of the things. Kind of makes me mad to think that the South Carolina Museum costs like $7 and it sucks big time.

After that, I started making my way to pick up my passport. On the walk to the MTR, I got bushwacked by Buddhist monks (how's that for illiteration?). They were hawking for donations and I must admit, they are pretty good at what they do. The dude put a "peace bracelet" on my arm and then proceeded to ask for money. He wanted $100, I gave him $40. I was only paying for the bracelet.

Picked up the Visa and then proceeded to go to Rockschool to buy the tickets. Ran into a fellow Frank Turner fan from Malaysia. She flew in from Malaysia literally just for the show. Apparently she will spend a grand total of 25 hours in Hong Kong. That's dedication for ya!

The Frank Turner concert was amazing - better than the first one, which is hard to believe. Got to talk with FT before the show as well. He played for at least 90 minutes, playing such favorites as I Knew Prufrock Before He was Famous, The Road and The Ballad of Me and My Friends. He even played a couple new songs and a cover or two.

He brought me on stage to do the harmonica part for Dan's Song. I didn't get boo'd so I guess that's good enough for me. When I get back to Taiwan, I'll upload some videos and pictures from the concert (among other things) to the blog. Also, as a fun fact, I do put a lot of pictures on Facebook - so if you're one of the few who doesn't have FB, get it, add me and you can see a lot more photos and videos.

Anyhow, today should be fun. I'm thinking of hitting up the gondola that goes over the water (if the weather is nice...), the science museum (have to get ideas for Biomagine), and maybe a McDonalds run (or two...).

Until next time...

P.S. - yeah, so i ate a pigeon today...kind of like overly chewy chicken.

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