Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Tis the season to be...

Well, I'm sure everyone can fill in their own end to that sentence, but for me it would go: "Tis the season for tacky sweaters!"

OK, so actually I've done maybe 1 tacky sweater party in my life but being that I will be going to one this weekend I've kind of gotten into the Holiday Spirit that revolves solely around sweaters and how bad they can look.

It's amazing how there seems to be a community devoted to any subject you could ever think of. Google "Tacky Sweater" and go down the list of websites and pictures and you will find that this is a passion for many people - and also a business. But before we go into the big business side of the Christmas Sweater Industry, let us first dive into the imagination and creativity that drives the uniqueness and fun of WHY people dress up in just terrible cotton coverage.

Let's start with a creative one. Everyone remembers growing up and having those magnetic words scattered across the refrigerator. Now what brings back the nostalgic feel of being a kid and the comfort of being around grandparents than this amazing Christmas sweater?

And as we all know, everyone loves animals - more so than humans. And while they let other humans starve and freeze in the outdoors, they want to make sure that their own animals are well manicured, well fed and well dressed. Who can't help but to say "Awwww" to these adorable dogs pulling off this years Christmas sweater "Best dressed" award:

Christmas always was a fun time for me growing up. Sadly over time, I found out that Santa did not exist and that most of the toys I got growing up were assembled in sweat shops by children my age who were paid beans and housed in cramped quarters. But happily for humanity, there are those out there who still hold onto the faith of a child when it comes to Christmas time and still have that look in their eyes when they see Santa in the mall. Here's to you:

Then there are the overachivers in life. They were the ones who made sure you never got a curve on your science test. They are the ones who know how to pronounce every word in the dictionary but never seem to want to talk. When we talk about the Christmas Sweater season, they say "NO! We want to go further. Sweaters AND vests!" To you overachievers, here is a salutation:

And finally, to the friends and companions who must match at all times, this time of year creates an opportunity to spend time with that special person creating something that is unique to others but shows your closeness to each other.

But as mentioned earlier, there is also a market for these sweaters. I dare you to go to your local thrift store and try and find a Christmas sweater right now. Chances are, unless a murder had obviously happened to the former wearer of the sweater, you won't find one. This understanding has not gone past those evil corporate monsters who suck the blood out of us poor consumers.

Some retailers have Christmas sweaters going for over $800! Urban Outfitter has sweaters that say "Holiday Sweater" going for $80! Online "Authentic 1980's Sweaters" (meaning they were bought at a thrift store for $5) are going from $25 - $60! Go on Ebay, Amazon or another online marketplace and you will find that the prices for these things are insane - if you can find them at all!

Adam Smith would be proud.

So when you go out for your tacky Christmas party, realize that you might be able to sell that hideous piece of cloth for more than you paid for it next year.

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Caroline said...

So I take it you bought one too? Followup post with pics is necessary. haha