Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ottawa: Day 1

Well made it into Ottawa today. Very beautiful place. Reminds me a lot of London. Our hotel is located less than a mile from the Canadian Parliament bulidings,. so in easy walking distance.

Today, we left Toronto and made it into Ottawa in about 6 hours. It rained most of the way and we saw two cars getting lifted out of the river - they flew off the interstate and went through the guardrail. But besides that, it was a pretty uneventful ride to Ottawa.

When we got here, we went and got something to eat - and it was the WORST food I've ever had. Never eat at Manchu Wok.

After that, we walked down the main street - Rideau Street - and walked down by the river. Then we were walking towards some old looking buildings and I asked a cop what these buildings were and he told me that these buildings were like our White House and Congress buildings. So we are in the capital of Canada and I didn't even know it! The guard also said to take a tour of the buildings - but do East Block first because they closed first.

So we went and got our free tickets and ended up being the only 2 people to do that tour. It was pretty cool though and we learned some history about Canada and how the government works.

Then we walked around the city more. We just happened to run into the changing of the guard. It was pretty cool. Second time I've seen that - saw it at the Tower of London (I think) back in 1996.

We have a lot planned for the next two days, so hopefully we can do everything we want to.

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