Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toronto, Day 2

So today Zac and I went back to downtown Toronto. We decided to go by and see the water and then head on to the CN Tower.

Now, besides being REALLLY expensive, it is REALLLY cool to do. The CN Tower gives you not only a view of Toronto, but even on a very cloudy day we could easily see 40+ miles in any direction. They even posted signs that said on clear days, you can see Niagara Falls and Rochester, NY. Now that's pretty impressive!

We got the "Total Tour" (or whatever they called them) tickets, so we were able to see everything and do everything. We went to the Observation Deck, Sky Pod, the glass floor view, the movie about the CN Tower and it's construction, and the ride. The ride was random. Not really worth going into detail over.

But the Sky Pod is 147 stories above the city and a total height of 1465 feet. Definitely something you must do if you go to Toronto - even though it is a tourist trap. Go all the way, get the "Total Tour" package, and you'll definitely have something to remember.

After that, we walked around the city and got lunch. One thing I did notice today was that in Canada, they don't have water fountains in malls. Just a fun fact (FF).

When we left the city, we proceeded to get stuck in traffic for nearly 2hrs. 30 minutes. They had closed down the interstate (or whatever it's called here) and we got stuck in it. Not much we could do. But we made it back and all was good.

Tomorrow, we leave Toronto for Ottawa. Toronto is a city that I would recommend to people to come and explore. We only were able to do a few things, but wanted to do more. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays were not in town, hockey and basketball are over for their seasons, and the Soccer All-Star game is tomorrow night. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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