Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guitar Hero!!!

Shamelessly stolen from Chad and Anji's blog


Chad said...

Shamelessly stolen from me after I shamelessly stole it from someone else...ah the circle of life.

Thanks for the comments on my music blog. Not that I have a ton of love for eminem but was just trying to list the biggest albums of each, and I am not a huge fan of every single album on my list. I went by the 5 star ratings from AMG, the music critics. I agree with the dave matthews, and will change that soon. Ben Harper, who I actually like, didn't have anything near the top nor did Mayer, which is why you saw them missing. Have to investigate a bit more to see if any of their albums could be considered among the top of any year, as it is about albums more than artists, so if you only got 2 hits per album, you may have a tremendous greatest hits album, but no single classic album.

thanks again man

Chad said...

by the way i am gonna link to your site if you don't mind, from my blog.

Chad said...

well after further review, i included a few more of your recommendations in my list. hope it is a bit more to your liking now.