Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been an interesting past couple of days...

Yesterday, randomly around lunch time, my cell decided to just stop working. The screen just blanked out, no warning...just bam! But since it was still under the factory warranty, they sent me a new one (in less than 24 hours!) for free. Unfortunatly, they couldn't transfer any of the data I all my contacts, pictures, videos - lost. And I had some good stuff in there. Oh well.

Tonight, I saw my first ever "professional" play - in America. I had seen Chicago and The Tempest in England years ago, but I had never seen a professionally done play before. I saw Rent, which from what I was told had a great cast. I thought it was pretty cool and think its something everyone should do.

Today was my last day at the governors office. Not much to write home about. I have to say that the internship was, for "experience" purposes, almost a complete waste. Minus the fact that I was able to sit in on a state supreme court hearing (Sanford v. Ethics Committe) and got to make a few contacts at some of the state agencies, all I can say is that the opportunity cost made me lose out in about $700 per month. So not cool. Not cool at all.

Tomorrow is my last day at Avista. I've been there for 2 and a half years, and although I really do love the people I work with, it's time to move on. I've been a "glorified" telemarketer and think I max out on what I could learn about a year ago.

Graduation is on Monday. Ironically I have my last final that day too. Way to give me a parting middle finger there, USC. But come 3:30 on December 14 (and me passing a certain final that I took on Monday) I will be done with college - and none too soon. Burned out doesn't begin to explain it. But I made it, with a double major in business (accounting and management) and a minor in political science.

Right now, I'm trying to get a job teaching english abroad. I'm concentrating my efforts in getting into Taiwan. Not really sure why - I know almost nothing about the Asian culture. But maybe that's why I want to do it - no real predisposed biases and something that I can only learn from. It would be a year long thing and I could be leaving as soon as the end of January. I am all for it, but I may have started my application process a little too late. If it's meant to be, a door will open. Or the security system will be off so I can knock open the door......

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