Sunday, December 6, 2009

The End of Ideology and Beginning of Wandering

So for many, this may come as sort of a surprise:

I really couldn't give two shits about politics.

You see, after all the reading I've done over the past 4 years, the conversations I've had with people of all persuasions, and working for a politican for the past semester (yes, the famous Governor Sanford of South Carolina), I must admit, politics is too much banter, too little governing.

So at the ripe old age of 23, I'm looking for something new.

So what will it be? It's easy for me to get into anything. I love sports, music, friends, beer, dogs, cats, long walks on the beach, roller coasters, zoos, snow, sun, and sleeping. Food too.

With this in mind, what encompasses all of the things I love most? I thought long and hard about it. At least 6 minutes.

And I came up with an answer...


Yes, I think the next thing that I will begin to do, begin to study, begin to write about, begin to live is travel. And as a college graduate with a business empahasis, finding time right now to travel should be no problem.

So with the political ideology behind me (but don't confuse that with me saying I will never dive into the subject again. It's just I'm going to be focusing on others things for the next chapter of my life) the new passion will be travel, and all that it encompasses.

And lucky for me, it's a lot. So far, I'm already planning a few trips around a Frank Turner/Flogging Molly concert; also looking at hitting up DC, Boston, and Philadelpia. Even an outside chance of doing that teach english abroad in Taiwan for a year. Imagine that?

Well, I guess I have to graduate college first, so I better get back to studying for my finals - my final finals. Strange how real this is...

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