Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taiwan Bound?

Well, it looks like I am finally getting somewhere with this teaching English in Taiwan adventure. The past 3 weeks I have applied to many places, gone through a placement agency and used (my brothers) networks to get things rolling. But let me make some observations:

1. I am thinking that when schools ask that you come in for an interview in person (that is come to Taiwan without the knowledge if you will be hired or not) they are saying "We'll call you..."

2. When I paid the University of South Carolina $200 per semester in "technology fees" and it still takes them OVER 3 months to get me my diploma, I think there is a problem. Being I graduated on December 14 and they said that we should receive our diplomas in March, this could cause some problems with my work visa for Taiwan. If transcripts don't work, I'll be camping outside the registrars office until I get my diploma. And I'll do it too...

3. For the school that I will be working at, some kind of teaching certificate is required. Now, most of the other ones I applied to didn't require this, but it's fine. But what is interesting is that I will be a certified substitute teacher in Arizona. I haven't even been to Arizone before...

4. When a placement agency sets up an interview with you, and then they stand you up, you make sure you give them a shout out. Thank you Reach To Teach Recruiting. Luckily, it was my backup school in Korea. So no worries.

I have a feeling this will be a very interesting next couple of months. No doubt, there will be setbacks, but hopefully I can stay on top of these things and get moving.

More to come...

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