Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Toy

So I have been looking for an instrument to USB cord for awhile and today I finally found one. I went to target and got one for $45, which compared to the "bundle packages" I've seen at Best Buy and others (which included software and other crap) this was not a bad deal. The cable was a First Act 10-foot cable.

I went ahead and bought the cable and downloaded both Audacity and Cool Edit Pro (free music creating software) and my only current problem is that the sound card on my laptop will switch between the speakers and the USB cable. So in order to hear what I just played out of the laptop speakers, I need to unplug the USB cable. I see future difficulties (and repair bills) but it works for now.

Whats cool about the Cool Edit Pro software is that it will also allow me to layer sounds if I were to add a microphone and/or another instrument, I can layer them to sound like it was a full band playing. Pretty cool I think.


Bob said...

You can layer sound with Audacity, too. That is how I get the background music when I record spots for the radio station.


RJ said...

yeah, i am using audacity too (more or less because i downloaded the free trial of CEP - so it runs out after a month!)