Sunday, January 24, 2010

To the north, to the north...

Well, I'm in DC right now...been watching the football games all day and so far am very pleased at the outcomes (I was pulling for Indy and am HOPING the vikings can pull out a victory).

It has been raining all day so there really hasn't been much I could do. Yesterday I went into DC...walked around all the touristy places (the big pointy thing and the white building with the dome on it) and also went to the Library of Congress. Never had been there before but have to say I was very impressed. They had a 5 panel map from China from like 1602 of the world...and it was VERY accurate. I was shocked.

Also found out how to take a tour of the white building with the dome on it (aka capitol building). You can go in person or click here to go to the website.

Tomorrow me and Beau are heading to Philly. We are staying at more of a bed and breakfast called Society Hill Hotel. I know absolutely nothing about Philly, the area, or where this hotel is...but I know it's gonna be fun!

I'll try to get some pictures up as well. But until then...

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