Monday, January 18, 2010

Northeast Expedition

So looks like I have my trip to the Northeast planned finally. I will be going to DC (Jan 22 - 24), Philly (Jan 25, 26), Boston (Jan 27, 28), back to DC (Jan 29) and then Ocean City, MD (Jan 30 - Feb 1).

Should be a lot of fun...never been to either Philly or Boston before. Then the Frank Turner/Flogging Molly concert in Charlotte is on February 19...following that up with my flight to Taiwan (which I finally booked). Leaving for Taiwan on February 21! More to come on that though...

1 comment:

Bob said...

Be sure to have at least one dinner at the Cafe Nola in Phila. That is the best of the best New Orleans food in the North East.


PS...Stop by Atlantic City and put a quarter in one of the slot machines for me. :)