Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reflecting: 1 Month Back

It is really hard for me to beleive that it has been a full month since I left Taiwan. A lot has happened to keep me busy and occupied during this time, which may be why I feel it hasn't been as long as it has been.

This past month has been split up with a nice 3000 mile roadtrip from here to Canada and back. Seeing family in some of the spots (some family just meeting for the first time) was definitly nice, but the traveling experience was just plain exhausting.

The time with friends back here in Columbia has been a breath of fresh air. Some of the people I knew before leaving aren't in the area anymore, which is kind of weird for me, but it has been nice to hang out with a lot of the same group of people I spent a lot of time with before leaving.

But there are some things that do change - and not necessarily for the good. There's an old saying: "There's no going home again" and although I wouldn't take that to an extreme, it does seem somewhat true. Seeing "far distant lands" at a pace that I set, working a pretty chill schedule and being able to hang out with a solid set of people over yonder every night definitly makes it strange to be back home - where people have moved on with what they do at a pace I had forgotten about.

The hardest part of adjusting for me comes from the effects of reverse culture shock. Going over to Taiwan I had built myself up for several months. I had put myself together mentally to be able to go into a new place where I would know noone and be fine. I made myself understand that I would have to let others do things for me that were basic - such as order food for me or tell me how to get to places - and it was fine.

Coming home, it's back to the world I know and am familiar with - but my outlook and perceptions on things are not the same. How I see issues, whether political, economic, even moral are definitly not the same as when I left. I think the hardest part of coming home is just that - coming back to a place where people remember and know you for who you were, but not necessarily who are are.

It's just a thought at least. I purposely made this more of a reflection on my perceptions.

But some promising things are occuring now for me. Biomagine looks to be on its final stages of development and we are setting a timeline to have it ready to go by January. The development of the commercial site (being the website we have up for it now is just a retainer) is coming together on paper and we are looking to have some RFP's sent out to some local development companies in the next week or two.

On the job front, I have a couple decent job interviews coming up in the next 2 weeks. Nothing that I would say are fantastic, but decent. The only problem is honestly I am not looking for that "career starting job" at the moment - I want to be able to devote time and have available time for Biomagine and all the things that will be associated with that over the next 4 months. So it's possible I might take (as made famous on The Sims video game) the "Slacker career track" for the remainder of the year - or at least at nights. I guess a real day job and a slacker job at night wouldn't be a bad thing...

Anyhow, I am still deciding if I have the time/moolah to go to Mexico. I am tempted to do it whatever the cost and THIS doesn't make it any easier for me not to go.

Decisions, decisions....

Until next time...

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