Sunday, April 11, 2010

Biomagine and David LaChapelle

It's amazing how busy you can get. Usually when you have time off for a vacation, you travel around. You know, go to the beach, camp in the mountains, travel to another city.

For some of you who are my faithful readers, you know that last June me and my friend Jon started Biomagine. It started off with a torrent of work; detailing our business concept, writing a business plan, creating screenshots, budgets, was a lot of work. Then after getting into the USC Business Incubator, things slowed down a little. We needed to futher refine the idea, raise some money, and get someone to do the programming.

Fast forward to about late January/early February of this year. Things had slowed to a crawl, but still moving. Right about the time I left for Taiwan, we got some money into the business account and were looking for a programmer (we had one lined up but, maybe as luck will have it, we didn't hire him).

I then left for Taiwan.

You know, sometimes it's only when you least expect things to happen that they do.

The last 3 or 4 weeks seem to have been a torrent of doors opening for Biomagine. Jon had the good luck of running into a guy who happens to run a Columbia-based, invite-only, business club. He was also able to meet with one of the local business grant institutions top people at the business club. We were able to fill the programming position with a top-notch group - and these guys seem to be some talented folks. Now we are revising our original business plan (which is obvious to us now that it was both very poorly written - my fault), looking at ways to raise money, and putting together some serious timelines and goals.

In short, we could have our product ready to be in the market by January 2011, which is both very exciting and very scary. Obviously things come, do, and will come up between now and then: both good and bad, but we are both enjoying the recent rush.

What strikes me as amazing is how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to be traveling the world while also putting together some pretty hefty business strategies. Not only that, but how far technology has come that I can hold a video-conference in real time. This would not have been possible even 5 years ago.

But back to Taiwan...

Today I went to see the David LaChapelle exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art here in Taipei. A lot of his exhibits were - interesting (ha!) - but there were definitly a few that I thought were awesome.

No doubt, something worth seeing if you like to see a lot of celebrities in, uh, well...just Google it haha.

I head on back to work tomorrow - wish me luck. It's been fun having the last 2 weeks off, and as luck would have it great timing to have the last 2 weeks off. Now hopefully both momentum and luck will continue working in my favor!

Until next time...

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