Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Updates and Tidbits

I figured that once I said something about the weather being nice, it would change. And it did. Since my earlier post, you know the one of me bragging on how nice the weather was and all, its been nothing but cold and wet. And I just checked the weather report and it's calling for rain through the end of the week. Beautiful....

It's not all bad though. I have managed to buy some good books over here in Taiwan, and so rainy days are ace for reading.

And I think I've had McDonalds for 9 days in a row now. Just imagine if they had Taco Bell over here. Then I wouldn't have a reason to go home...

But I still manage to find fun things to do. This morning, I woke up at 8 am and met some friends at a place called Brass Monkey to watch the NCAA Championship Game. They were from Indiana, so they were going for Butler. I have to say, that the game was one of the best I've ever seen. And the experience of waking up early to watch it was pretty cool too. It's really hard to explain, but living in the future by half a day can really make sports fun to watch. In fact, it's possible to watch a team play 2 games during the same day here. I catch a night cap game when I wake up and I catch the day game before I fall asleep (which I guess isn't the same DAY, but same waking period).

Also, a few people have emailed me since I've been here saying they couldn't leave comments on the blog. I think you have to sign up with google in order to leave comments, you can't just post annonomous comments (I think!).

Yeah, so I am going to buy a new camera sometime soon. Since I broke mine about 2 weeks ago I have decided that I need to get a small pocket sized camera. I think I'll get one in the next 2 weeks or so. And I have found a lot of cool places that I've visited that I really want to take pictures of, so when I get a new camera, be ready for some AWESOME photos. And if you have any recommendations of good camera models, feel free to let me know.

In other news, Biomagine (remember that from last year) has finally gotten a developer company contracted to make our prototype and a lot of other cool things have been strangely, yet coincidentally, falling into place. It's weird how momentum works, but when you've got it, you have to run with it.

And I'll be back in the States in August (well, kind of. When I get back I'll be going with the family up to the northeast and Canada for a few weeks) but there are a lot of positive developments going on so I'm excited to be coming back! So plan accordingly!

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