Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being Followed

Being followed is not fun - especially when you know you are being followed. During my time in Taiwan, I have had the feeling that I have been followed since day 1. The worst part is, the people following me have not even been very stealthy. Who has been following me? Garbage trucks.

As the video shows, these things are very joyful sounding. They play songs similar to the songs you hear in America when ice cream trucks are approaching. But seriously, EVERYWHERE I go, I hear these bloody trucks.

When I was in Kuosheng a few weeks ago, I hear this song for 5 hours straight - but I never once saw the truck. When I was in Kenting a few weeks ago, I was walking up the main road and the trash truck was following me the entire time I was walking up the road. I turn around to walk down the road and ANOTHER truck follows me down the road. In Danshui this past weekend, a trash truck and its lovely tune followed me the entire time. In Yilan while I was in the cold spring, I could hear a truck singing its lovely tune in the distance the entire time. Bloody hell, these things are following me!

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Rika said...

They're after you RJ! They're gonna getcha!