Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Danshui and Yilan

This past weekend I went on a trip up to Danshui and then took a bus to Yilan. Danshui is in the northwest part of Taipei county and is a coastal area. It's about a 40 minute ride on the MRT from the Taipei 101 area.

Danshui is a pretty popular area for both locals and tourists. The area has a boardwalk type area where there are lots of little shops filled with every type of trinket imaginable. I even found (and bought) a boob stress ball. Definitly going on my desk when I get home.

But while in Danshui, I found my favorite translated sign to date. In fact, the reason I like this sign is not because it was translated poorly. No. In fact, I like it because it is perfectly translated from Chinese to English. Take a look:

The next day I headed to Yilan. Now there are a few things to do in Yilan: a big nightmarket, McDonalds and a natural cold spring. I'll start with the natural cold spring.

I don't even know why they call it a spring, because in my opinion, it has the opposite effect. But anyhow, this thing was C-O-L-D. It costs $NT 300 (or $10) to get a private room for 45 minutes. And by private room, I mean you can hear everything going on around you - which is people usually screaming about how cold the water is.

The water had some kind of minerals also - I had a bunch of bubbles on my body while I was in the water. It was like bathing in a bathtub full of Sprite or something. But truth be told, I was not really savoring my time in the cold spring water.

The nightmarket in Yilan is pretty big and has a few things you can't find in other nightmarkets in Taiwan. They have a vendor stand that sells a special cake that is unique to that nightmarket. The place I stayed in Yilan was a freaky horror-movie quality place. I won't put the details online, but lets say I'm not intending on going anywhere near that place again. Freaky.

But the time in Yilan and Danshui was definitly time well spent. Here are a few other pictures from the roadtrip:

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