Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates and Things to Look for

My time in Taiwan is quickly coming to an end, which is bittersweet - especially when it comes to this blog. I have found it to be very useful in conveying things that I have been doing to a wide amount of people, so when I talk to them after an extended period of time they know what I have been doing and I get to spend more time talking about things away from my world. With my return planned for July 31st, my blog will have to take on a new form altogether, as I will be more or less doing nothing all that exciting.

With that being said, I am thinking of ideas to write about that would be interesting for me and interesting to those of you who have taken time to read this. I must say, it is always a thrill to get an email from someone who said they liked something in one of my posts.

In the past (and some recently) I've fallen back on political/economic related postings. Although I find my own views interesting and correct, I'm sure that if you're reading this, you're not reading it to see what I am thinking about a certain political topic.

When it comes to business and all things related (whether it be my own personal experiences working for other companies and just expanding out my thoughts or the work that has been done and will be continued on Biomagine) I find it that it can be interesting, but that more than 1 or 2 articles a month on that would find me lacking much quality and original thought - so I need to find other things to write about as well.

So in short, I will be needing to think about what I will continue to post on this blog, but will love any suggestions. It seems that my friends and family seem to know what I enjoying doing and talking about more than I do most of the time, so let me know if there is anything you want me to write about.

Moving on...

Today was my birthday. It was spent working here at the school and getting sunburnt. All in all, not much different than any other day, which is fine with me. I do feel my age catching up on me. Being 24 is different than 23. Hearing goes, vision fails, things don't work...

Just kidding.

The other day I walked around a part of Taipei I hadn't visited before and came across a pretty neat temple. Now in reality, most of these temples look a lot alike from the outside - and if you just walked through without paying much attention, they would look a lot alike from the inside too.

But this temple was a bit different when I walked inside. They had statues of people lining the walls where the entance/exit ways were. The ceilings were very decorative and there was a place for burning papermoney for your dead ancestors (or whyever they do it). Here are a few pictures of this temple (which was at the entrance of the Raohe Street night market):

Well, the countdown is now at 18 days until I'm back in the States. I did see that Frank Turner has 3 concerts scheduled in November around my area (and by "around" I mean within 6 hours roundtrip). Gamecock football will be starting about a month after I get back as well - but I'm still not sold on being excited about that just yet. Made that mistake for 3 years, but maybe this year will be the year...

Until next time...

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