Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keeping Busy

Well, I'm getting better, so that's good. I was able to have a pretty fun weekend, even with not feeling 100%.

Yesterday, I went to the Calla Lily Festival which is in Zhuzihu. It's about a 40 minute MRT ride - ride the red line to Beitou - from the closest station (which takes a 20 minute bus ride to get to from where I live). From there, you take another 45 minute bus ride around a windy montain road in a tiny crowded bus. Put it all together, and you have a very wild experience!

But it was all definitly worth it. The Calla Lily Festival is a short term festival that goes on during March and April - during the blooming season for lillies. You get there and pretty much walk around different lily "farms" and you can pick your own flowers for $NT 10 each - or about 30 cents per flower USD.

After that we headed back to Taipei. I was hankering for a hamburger so I forced Michael to follow me to the local McDonalds. Now, I am used to seeing interesting looking folks at McDonalds - I mean, I am from South Carolina. We aren't stereotyped for no reason...

Back on point though. I see this lady walk in with a pink fur coat, a pink undershirt, neon yellow pants and high heels on. As I'm looking at her, she is very exact on all of her movements - like she was from some high-class English heritage or something. Michael see's her too and informs me that she is some kind of semi-famous person from TV. She apparently had a short-lived TV program a few months ago and is trying to make it back onto the silver screen.

Well as we are eating, people are lining up to take pictures with this lady. I mean, she was obviously not at McDonalds to eat - as previously noted on what she was wearing, she was also sitting in the very front near the door so everyone would see her.

Well I decide that I need to get a pic with her too - just because I figured why not. I travel 11000 miles, I need to see someone kinda famous. Yeah and this chick was semi-famous for acting (or being?) stupid. I'm guessing kind of like Ugly Betty in the US is famous for being ugly.

So in the past week, I have met 3 "famous" people here in Taiwan: The Governor of Taipei, the Mayor of Taipei, and who I will now designate as "Betty".

But yeah, back to work this week, which isn't really a bad thing. We'll see if I say this after this week. We have a LOT more boys this week than in the past, and 5th grade boys should I put this..."hard to manage". So on the way to work I think I'm going to pick up a cattle prod...

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