Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day

I was beginning to think that maybe I was being too conservative over here! Well today fixed that.

As you know, today (3.14) is Pi Day. So in honor of that, I decided to not think about math.

I also decided that today would be a great day to do a few cool things. First off, hats off to Michael for taking time out today to take me around Taipei. Definitly found some new favorite places to hang out. The Taipower Building MRT stop is going to be a place I will be visiting a few more times over the coming weeks. It's located near the campus of Normal University. I guess the rest of the universities in the city are not normal.

Also, for you art/cultural lovers out there, the Zhongshan MRT stop is very close to the National Taiwan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The Mueseum of Modern Art definitly had some...interesting...things in it. The museum changes what it shows almost monthly, and this month was the works of Zhang Huan. Look this guy up if you have the time. He definitly likes doing living art in the nude, but some of his stuff actually is pretty impressive.

The National Taiwan Museum is also pretty cool. Has a lot of the aboriginal Taiwaneese culture things on display, as well as some items from the Japaneese Occupation (1890 - 1945). We went through the 2 mueseums pretty quickly, but we were able to see a bank vault, dinosaur skeltons and other fossils.

For food, I didn't disappoint. I really haven't had much "unique" food since my episode with the snake, so I needed to do some catching up. For lunch, I had a traditional Taiwaneese meal...noodles, pig intestine and oysters. Mmmmmm...

For a mid-day snack, I had chicken butt (yes, a chickens BUTT) and chicken heart. They actually were very fact, what you eat at McDonalds as McNuggets or Taco Bell as a 5-layer burrito probably has a worse mix of meat that what I had today. In all honesty, I can see myself having both of those again.

I did have a normal dinner: cheese pizza with pineapples. I didn't want to push my stomach much more today as I'm sure tonight will be fun.

But yes, Pi Day was quite eventful. I'm thinking I will be staying in Sheng Keng for the next few days my bank account seems to be running lower than I would like at the moment. But anyhow, until next time...

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