Friday, March 26, 2010

Notes from Students

Well, the week is OFFICIALLY over! Now, sometimes I will get notes from students (sometimes with help from a Taiwaneese staff member writing it and sometimes from their own free will) and some weeks I don't get anything. This week, I got quite a few notes...and I will share with y'all these notes, in all their glory.

"Mr. RJ, bloss you happy forever. Alice :)"

"Mr. R.J <3 <3, you very goot teach. bloss R.J happy. you teach me Enghish. good bye Thank you. good teach! Eva"

"Dear Mr. RJ, Thank you you teach me 5 day. I think there are awesome! God blass you! + student, Joyce :) 2010.3.25 (Thursday)"

"Mr. RJ, Thank you. you teacher me English. good teacher Betty"

"Mr. RJ (and puts my name in Chineese) Thank you teach me Engltsh Im very happy. Cindy"

"Mr. RJ. You are nember one teacher I am so happy during your class Thank you! Sarah *"

And now, my two personal favorite notes...

"Dear Mr. R.J: Thank for your teaching. Do you know what I thank? Because you told us some words and sports we don't know! Thks! Student Kayla"

"Dear Mr. R.J: Thanks for your hard teaching. I'm so happy to meet you. On this week I was happy because you teach us some new words and you tell us some sport we don't understand. Sherry"

It's always nice to get notes...I did learn a few things: I need to teach how to spell the word "bless" and maybe do a better job in explaining what Ultimate Frisbee is ("...and you tell us some sport we don't understand.")


therikonexpedition said...

good blog man, doesn't it make you feel so awesome to get all that feedback?

Caroline said...

Those are some cute notes! Seems like there's some work cut out for you. lol Heck, they're definitely not bad at English! How are your language skills coming along?

RJ said...

@ aaron - yeah it does feel good to get the notes. and it also is nice to have a laugh at the kids expense sometimes...after all, they probably spent the entire week making fun of me in Chineese and I never knew it!

@ caroline - definitly better at English than I will ever be at Chineese...if that is any indicator of how my language skills are coming along ;)

Caroline said...

I'd say your English skills may still need a bit more work. hehe "Chineese" oh RJ

RJ said...

i always thought that's how you spelled it...

fine: Chinese.

Caroline said...

lol nice ;) Did you see my comment on the last post? Flight schedules are insane for paris to taipei... and all that. Surprised I even looked. haha