Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frisbees, Snakes, and Storms

It's hard to imagine this if you haven't actually seen it before. Think of rapids flowing in a river. Take that mental image and place that on a staircase and you have my school during a heavy rainstorm.

Yesterday and today there have been very strong thunderstorms in the afternoon. Apparently after the Dragon Boat Festival thunderstorms are the norm for here. Yesterday, it rained so hard, so quickly, that the staircase by where we eat and the main staircase by the schools gates were literally whitewater rapids. I have never seen anything quite like that before.

Today I was doing my thing (teaching frisbee) and while I'm watching the kids throw the disc I see something moving really fast in the grass. It took me all of a second to realize that it was a pretty big snake (at least 2 and a half feet long). The snake was greyish with yellow pinstripes on its side and right as I see the snake, I see a kid running right towards it. About the time I get the word "stop" out of my mouth, the kid steps right on top of the snake. The snake - probably about as scared as the kid was - coils up in the air. Luckily, the snake hi-tailed it out of there into the brush on the hill area above the field.

About 5 minutes later, a kid throws the frisbee into the brush on the hill and as I am just about to reach in to pick out the frisbee, I think to myself "this is probably pretty close to where that snake is." Just then, I see the snake again pefectly placed in an inperfect environment - right under the frisbee.

Now this snake must be really having a bad day. It starts moving again and I back off - to return a little later with a big stick for protection. Luckily for it (and for me) it was gone by the time I returned.

Anyway, Tuesday is all but over. The weather is hot, humid and muggy, but I still think it's not quite as hot as it is back home.

Also, looking like the northeast US/Canada trip is beginning to take shape. Looking like I'll be traveling that area from August 8 - 23. Should be fun and all, but I think by the time I get back home, I'll be travelled out for quite some time.

Until next time...

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