Monday, June 14, 2010

Singapore, Day 8

On Saturday I got up early and went to the zoo. The zoo is not in a very convient location - about a 30 minute bus ride after you get off the MRT (which took about half an hour as well).

The day started off nice and sunny. It looked like it would be a nice day to harass the monkeys (monkies?). One of the first animals that were encountered were the Proboscis Monkeys. I aptly renamed it the Promiscious Monkey. This thing had a friggin' big nose. And you know what they say about monkies with big noses'...

After that, I came across some white tigers. They could have definitly taken on the black panthers. No doubt. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these were Michael Jackson's tigers.

Then moving on to the kangaroos. They definitly didn't like me all that much and it was obvious. They just gave me this evil stare. I tried to give them a leaf but the kangaroo just ran off...or hopped off.

And then it started to rain. And this wasn't a nice spring shower type of rain. This was rain that would've made Noah uncomfortable. But look at what this monkey did to prevent himself from getting phenomnia:

It stopped raining for a bit soon after so I decided to visit some more of these smart monkies. This guy was not having a good day though:

After that, there was a polar bear show going on so off I went to see it. Now I have seen a polar bear before, but I guess I've never really seen one up close before. They are friggin' huge. I'm saying that if Chuck Norris and a polar bear got in a fight, well Chuck Norris would still win but he may have a black eye or something.

Then I went on to see some hippos. These hippos were fairly friendly. It was their feeding time and they knew it. Who says you can't train an animal? When food is on the line, they'll do anything...

After that, I saw a Jaguar with a definite mental problem. This thing jumped up on a log and just kept pacing back and forth on it for at least 5 minutes. No real reason to why, he just kept pacing.

Then I went on to another show. This one had a trained seal that seemed to enjoy making everyone wet. Fortunatley, he didn't get all the glory as it started pouring down rain halfway through the show. Again, I am soaked.

Following that, I went to the feeding of the leopards. Now I don't know many cats that like the water as much as this one does. These things were going crazy (as it was their feeding time and the guy throwing them the food was doing a good job of hitting them in the face with the meat).

After that, they fed all the monkies which was a fun show to watch. The monkies just sat there and get pegged with sugar cane stalks. They also have these chimps that they brought out of their cage to give water and food to.

Finally, I went on the Night Safari. This is a cool tram ride at night through a different part of the zoo. A lot of these animals are not fenced in or in cages and came really close to the tram as it rode by. I did see a laughing hyenia and realized that these are some really big animals. I always thought they were the size of a fox or big dog, but they are actually a bit bigger than that.

They had a tribal drums performance and an entertaining opening show at the Night Safari as well.

After all of this, there was a big night show where the animals were (suppose) to do specific tasks and tricks. The poor lady that was the MC had a bad night. It was capped when the hyenia that was suppose to come out and go to a log took a detour, found a frog and started attacking the frog. I think I like this version better than I would've liked the planned version.

Anyhow, that was my last day in Singapore. I got back to Taiwan yesterday and am at the school today. It's raining and it is an in-service week which makes for a great time!

I have begun to weigh my options for the next trip that I will take before coming home. Originally I thought that I would go to Japan but that place is ridic expensive. I'm not looking at a few other places: the Phillipines, Thailand, Laos or somewhere along that area.

Anyhow, that's news for today. Until next time...

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