Thursday, June 10, 2010

Singapore Days 5 and 6

Yesterday I decided it was time to hit the beaches. Sentosa is the beach area here in Singapore complete with a Universal Studios, casino, and construction of many other things.

Now, I originally wanted to take the gondola to Sentosa, but found out that it is closed until next month. Fail. But that was ok. When I got to Sentosa, it was a quick 2 minute walk until I was on the beach. The water was warm, the sand was sandy, and the clouds were threatening. I walked the span of the beach (which turns into private property or something after only about 10 minutes of walking) and decided to take a swim in the sea (or ocean, or bay, or...well, I really don't know but I'm going to stick with sea).

The SECOND (and I'm being literal) I jump into the water, it starts pouring down rain, red flags get issued from the lifeguards - signaling a lightning warning - and my ambitions to swim home were quickly quashed.

I headed back into town and went into Chinatown to look for some things to buy. I found a lot of interesting looking stuff and ended up buying a 4-faced Buddah, which I am suppose to put on my desk to tell everyone when they walk in my mood. The Buddah's face (which can be mad, sad, happy or serene) will face outward. So you have been forewarned.

After a little more walking around aimlessly I headed back into Geylang, where I'm staying. For dinner, I decided to hit up this restraunt that is really close to where I am staying. As I sat down at the table, I realized that there was a cat sitting under my table. I'm a friendly person so I didn't tell the cat to move. Glad I did, because I got a lot of entertainment from the cat - and it's dead bird friend, which I will call Bernie.

The cat starts throwing Bernie all around on the ground. Then throws the dead bird out from the table. Bernie is getting tossed in the air and almost lands on top of some other peoples table. The people who are working at the restraunt are trying to shoo the cat away, but it keeps coming back with Bernie. It was a fairly entertaining dinner.

Today started off raining again. I headed first to some kind of stamp museum, but found it a very good source for more recent Singaporian history and culture. Definitly learned a little bit more about Singapore from a stamp museum. After that, I headed out for a boat ride. It was fairly nice, but I would rank it as not as good as either the boat rides I've taken in Ottawa or Hong Kong. In fact, I wouldn't really even recommend it as something to do here.

On the boat ride, I did have a casualty. One of the watches I bought in Hong Kong's pins broke (that held the watch to the strap. Funny enough, replacing the pin (which I plan to do) will probably cost more than the watch did originally.

Also, I have the SUPER Big Mac today for lunch. Mistake. Definitly a mistake. As a side note, I have realized something about Singapore's McDonalds: They are VERY similar to America's McDonalds when it comes to taste - and that is not a compliment. I would urge you to write your Congressman and Senator and have them outlaw McDonald's SUPER Big Mac from entering your state. It's not eco-friendly...

Besides that, it has been a fairly relaxing past couple of days. I am planning on getting some Mexican food tonight (but not Taco Bell - as I have been forbidden to go there).

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get back to Sentosa and hang out at the beach WITHOUT it raining on me. Wish me luck.

Until next time...

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