Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frank Turner/Flogging Molly Concert

I must say this: It will be hard for there EVER to be a better concert than this one!

We got to the Fillmore Center in Charlotte pretty early yesterday. The doors opened at 7 and we were there around possible decision we could have made!

When we got into the place, we were able to get front row standing area "seats". Not only that, before the concert started John and I were able to meet Frank Turner! We got an autograph from him and two of the other band members and when I told Frank that I would be in Taiwan and that he needed to take his tour there, he told me that they had JUST booked a Hong Kong show and he said if I emailed him, he would put me on the guest list. That's pretty solid.

The concert was amazing. All three bands (Architects, Frank Turner then Flogging Molly) were ace. The concert started right at 8 and went til 11:45. My ears hurt (and so does my body...lets just say when your standing in the very front and there are a thousand people cramming up against you, it can get a bit uncomfortable).

We were also able to shake hands with the Flogging Molly bassist and I caught a water bottle that they threw into the crowd. But I was thirsty. So I drank it. Ha.

Also, thank you Jesse for letting us stay at your place last night. Woke up this morning and my body hurt. But it was definitly worth it!

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