Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Trip, According to Google Maps

So I figured I would Google Map my trip to Taiwan. I really wanted to know how many miles I was going to be traveling between Columbia and Taipei. So I decided to go to Google Maps and in the Get Directions I put in Columbia,SC and Taipei, Taiwan.

It's 11,719 miles away, 13 hours ahead, and a very interesting route to take...

a. its over 11,700 miles
b. it says i have to kayak across the pacific ocean for about 6500 of those miles
c. i then have to jet ski from japan to china for almost 500 miles
d. then i swim 100 miles from china to taiwan
e. i need to buy a kayak, a jet ski and get some red bulls

I will be taking donations for these needed items ;)

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