Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kuolai Wilderness Experience

So I have been here a few days and have had a pretty good time so far. I think I beat the jetlag by not sleeping until the night I got in town (and my flight arrived around 5:45 it was a bit difficult).

So far I have spent the majority of time here at the school. The schools name is Kuolai English Wonderland and it's situated in almost a paradise in the mountains. The weather has been sunny and warm since I got here. This morning I even saw a bamboo viper snake (it was dead but still cool to see)

One thing that is very important to have is a dehumidifier. I bought one last night at the "French Walmart" and think that it will be one of my largest expenditures (NT$3000). But being that my passport was beginning to rollup because of the humidity, I think it was necessary.

The city that I am living in is Sheng Keng - which translates into "The Hole". Ominious sounding. The apartment is about a 10 minute walk into the city. There is a night market right down the road every Tuesday and Friday - and they have some GOOD food there. There is another night market about a mile and a half away that's open every night.

I've been having a little fun with the Taiwan people who work at the school as translators. I asked them if they knew any southern slang...then proceeded to talk with words such as: y'all, yonder, bo, aint, feller...I think they enjoyed it.

So far I think that this is going to be a pretty fun experience. The people I work with are all helpful and friendly and the locals seem to get a kick out of us Americans.

And yes, I know these pics had NOTHING to do with what I wrote. Deal with it.


Rika said...

Yay! RJ, I'm so glad you have a blog and I'm officially adding it into my handy dandy google reader, so i can spy on you always. Glad your first 2 days are splendid. Just wait til we have Mexican food night!

Staci said...


You should look up online Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. I believe he did some travels over there and ate at some of those markets.

He ate some strange stuff - but it would be cool to do the same!

Steph said...

I am not dealing with it...I wanna hear about the pictures dammit! And yes, "The Hole" does sound very ominous....and a great opportunity for a future Michael Scott joke.